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About Us

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We rent, sell and service temporary fences and construction hoarding. As a company, we cherish our passion and commitment to serve our customers of many trades. We strive for growth. What began as a small family-owned business is now a well-established enterprise that provides services throughout Poland and Europe.
We believe in always maintaining high inventory levels and express logistics, so we are able to deliver your order when you most need it, right where you need.
We treat each of our customers special. We provide all information related to the temporary fences and construction hoarding. As well as the technical assistance and aid with the construction laws, regulations and building code. Working for you is our passion! Let’s cooperate.

Sell / Rent

For years, we have been handling orders in the field of rental construction hoarding, temporary fences for construction and industrial areas, both in the sales model and in the long-term rental. Our main defining feature is our comprehensive approach to carrying out each order. Transport, assembly and servicing of portable fences — we do it all over Poland and across Europe. We maintain high inventory level to ensure the security of our partners and regular customers.
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For us here at DiP, transport is our key differentiating factor on the market. We provide end-to-end order service for moving any number of fencing spans anywhere in Poland. We believe in partnership when it comes to the business of full service from A to Z.


Long-term rental of industrial-grade fences is vulnerable to the risk of unexpected damage. In order to meet the expectations of our partners, we provide comprehensive assembly and care service of mobile fences during the term of the rental agreement.
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