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Temporary Fences and construction hoarding solutions

DiP Polska has been successfully selling and renting temporary and construction fences for years. The temporary fences we offer are recognised in the industry especially for their durability, weather resistance, solidity and ease of installation. Temporary fences offered to our customers are available off-the-shelf – in addition we provide transport and installation assistance.

Among the most popular temporary fences we distinguish primarily openwork spans – and solid spans. For each of them we offer a range of accessories which facilitate assembly and protect the fenced area.

We provide comprehensive assistance in selecting the right temporary fencing. When starting any construction project, it is crucial to properly secure the site, not only for safety reasons but also to restrict access by non-appointed persons.

At DiP Polska, we believe that every successful construction starts with solid foundations, and these in turn require certainty, security and control. That’s why we offer a comprehensive temporary fencing rental service so that your project can progress in an atmosphere of safety and efficiency.

Start your construction project with us! – A reliable partner who will ensure the safety and efficiency of your project from the very beginning! Contact us and we will tailor our offer to your individual needs.

We are proud to present a comprehensive range of temporary fencing, providing our customers not only with high quality products, but also with a professional logistics service. Regardless of the size of your project or the distance you need the fencing to be delivered, we are ready to meet your expectations.

Fence installation is very often a challenge for hirers. Our team takes care of every detail. We install temporary fences to the highest standards, ensuring the robustness and durability of the structure.

Regardless of the terrain difficulties or the specifics of the site, our team can tailor the fence to effectively fulfil its protective function. We offer the flexibility of both short-term rentals, ideal for events or parties, and long-term rentals, tailored to the requirements of construction sites or developments.

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For increased stability, the horizontal pipes are inserted directly into the vertical posts. The result of such a solution is improved stability.



The pipes are welded together so the panel is durable and resistant to cracking.



The mesh is welded into the panel frame to facilitate transport and storage.

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